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How to install NVIDIA driver with error ‘NVIDIA Installer Failed’

I needed to re-install my NVIDIA graphics driver to a newer version and I tried everything I imagined. First of all, the specifications of my acer laptop are:
– Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo P8400
– 4GB RAM Memory
– NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT TurboCache (notebook graphics) 512 MB dedicated and up to 1791 MB

I used NVIDIA graphics driver version 259.96 and I tried updating to 285.62 (the newer stable version) and many others, and all gave me the same error: NVIDIA Installer Failed, before even try to install. I’ve noticed in forums that this error happens to many people, with different versions and NVIDIA Graphics cards (series 8, series 9, GTX…). Here’s the screen for the error:

You can try many things such as entering windows in safe mode (press F8 while running), uninstall all NVIDIA drivers first and try to install afterwards, clean NVIDIA drivers with a program cleaner… but nothing of that helped me.

I uninstalled my drivers and I couldn’t install them again, always the same error with all versions.

Here is the solution I got:

  1. I uninstalled all NVIDIA drivers with ‘Uninstall or change a program’ in the Computer window. If you have problems uninstalling them, try to enter windows in safe mode and try again or try to download a NVIDIA drivers cleaner such as ‘Nasty File Remover’ (NFS). I used it and I needed to delete 2 .dll
  2. First of all try to install the new driver from the .exe file in a normal way. If you can’t, as I couldn’t, try this:
  • Extract the .exe file to a well known path that you know doesn’t have any permission restriction, such as Documents or another hard drive. You can extract if you like the .exe file with WinRar in the same path you downloaded it.
  • Open the Device Manager: Control Panel -> System and Security -> Hardware and Sound (left side) -> Device Manager (in Devices and Printers)
  • Locate your VGA adapter, or your graphics device if you haven’t uninstalled the drivers.
  • Right click and select ‘Install driver software’ or ‘Update driver software’. You have these choices:
    • a. Search automatically
    • b. Browse my computer for driver software

  • Select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ and set the search path to the path you have extracted the files
  • When the installer finds the driver for the NVIDIA graphics card, confirm pressing Install and the drivers + the NVIDIA Control Panel would install.

  • Restart your computer and your drivers would be installed correctly.

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